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Limb Pain & Sciatica

Low back pain or neck pain may radiate to your arms or legs. Radiating pain can originate from several sources. When the pain radiates beyond your elbow or knee, it is likely that a nerve root is irritated. When the pain does not radiate beyond your elbow or knee, the pain may be caused by a nerve root, a facet joint or a muscular syndrome. If you have numbness, tingling, or weakness with your pain, it is likely due to nerve root irritation.

Your doctor may suggest minimally invasive spinal injections to speed up pain relief which will help you return to work or normal activity. Your physician should rule out an injury to a peripheral nerve or a joint, such as shoulder rotator cuff injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee or ankle joint pain. Depending on how severe your symptoms are, you might be referred to a physical therapist or a surgeon.

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