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Office Information


Appointments, Questions, and Concerns

Please call our office at (318) 212-3636. You will be directed to the appropriate person for your specific question or concern. During traditional business hours, every reasonable effort will be made to return your call within 24 hours. Please do not make multiple phone calls to the office.

If you believe that your concern is a medical emergency, CALL 911. You should take the medications for your condition EXACTLY according to the instructions. If you take the medication other than in the manner it was prescribed or if you discontinue taking a medication due to side effects, notify our office immediately.

You will be asked to make an appointment for issues of general consultation other than medication side effects.


Procedure Appointments

If you are scheduled to have a procedure in the outpatient area of our clinic, your wait time on the day of your procedure may vary from one to three hours, as with most outpatient hospital procedures. Please allow time and prepare for a visit of this length on the day of your procedure.

Medication Refills

The policy of this office is that pain medications are dispensed in a 30 day supply. Prescription pain medications are not telephoned or "called in" to Pharmacies. You must pick up pain medications DURING A SCHEDULED CLINIC APPOINTMENT. Absolutely NO prescription refills will be given on the same day a procedure is performed.


You must call our office at (318) 212-3636 NO LATER THAN 72 hours prior to running out of other medications. Please be ready to tell us your name, the medication about which you are calling including strength and dispensing directions. Please allow 24-48 hours for your prescription to be prepared. Please be prepared to tell us the name of your preferred pharmacy and have its telephone number, including the area code. We will call you if we have questions.

If you have missed your appointment for any reason and are in need of a refill, you MUST be seen in the clinic before refills are called in.

Please remember, PAIN MEDICATIONS CANNOT be called in so it is imperative to keep scheduled appointments.

Co-Pays, Insurance and Disability Forms

Insurance forms will only be completed at time of a clinic visit. Please present your forms to our staff when you arrive. You may be billed for the completion of forms for disability claims. INSURANCE CO-PAYS ARE DUE AT THE TIME OF VISIT. You will also be asked to pay any remaining balance on your account prior to being seen for a scheduled appointment.

Work Excuses

If you require a work excuse, please ask for it at the time of your appointment. Work excuses are only allowed for the same day of a scheduled appointment or procedure.


Please notify our office no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you cannot be present for your appointment. You may be billed for a missed appointment if you fail to call at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Following THREE "No Show" appointment cancellations you may not be allowed to reschedule another follow-up appointment.